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The perfect round wicker seating height for a Luula’s desks to the lowest position


This wicker stool makes a classic bedroom or living room accessory. They are ideal for kiddo seating. Stools are designed and manufactured for young kids using only natural and environmentally friendly materials. Each seat has been handwoven with a traditionally woven sustainable wicker.

Every stool will therefore be unique with its wonderful natural shades in the wicker. The notes of natural materials will bring a romantic rustic and eco-style mood to the room and create a cozy and comfortable, but at the same time practical and functional atmosphere in any modern interior. The stool is painted with safe ecological paint.

Made from natural wicker, it is hand bent around custom marques, canes are hand-shaved and tied, wicker cores are extracted and intricately woven with seamless finishes for a minimalist take on timeless methods. The iconic silhouettes are modern yet fanciful, delicate yet durable, and classic yet comfortable.

Technical specifications

Height: 27 cm

Seat diameter: 25 cm

Legs spacing: 22 cm


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