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Safety recommendations

Kids safety is always the first. This is especially true for children. Their task is to get to know the world while playing, but ours is to protect the children. It is not possible to avoid various incidents, especially when living with children. However, serious accidents can be avoided if properly prepared. Make sure you purchased a product that is suitable for your child’s age or development level! Read the instructions before use!

We know that babies get to know the world by using all their energy in the most incredible ways, putting things in their mouths and tasting, creating synergies with their pets and doubling their energy with their friends. That’s why the table is made of ecological, safe, tested material for many years and with the appropriate fasteners that penetrate the plane of the parts.

LuuTable is relatively heavy and very stable, it is not possible even for an adult person to overturn or break it with his weight. Thinking about the convenience of the working environment, the front edge of the board is longer to make it easier to lift. Adjustable cover latch – lock does not allow the cover to close too suddenly. Fix the table top before the baby starts playing! In turn, older children will be able to lock the table as a child’s personal safe.

Table niches on the right side will serve for safer stationing of pens and water if needed. The water holder will not fall or spill even if you hit it with an elbow. In the niches you will also be able to group childs small, currently so popular tiny toys, which are otherwise so difficult to place anywhere else in the room! The paper roll on the desk will take care of easier cleaning after colouring games.

Don’t leave a child unattended – your child’s first years of life require constant attention!