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When it rains… it is the best time for kids’ arts & crafts activities!

It’s important that children are allowed space and time to engage with activities of their choosing for extended periods. When a parent makes available developmentally appropriate materials, the child will learn as they enjoy themselves.

 Luula’s tables are meant for both to play with different materials that your child can choose from as well as storing materials so that children are not overburdened with options or materials appropriate for their level of development. When it rains and your child’s time seems sooo long but your so short, open the gateway to the dream adventures!

Simple Luu Table foot frame and fastening solutions, combined with original design, ensure the table’s durability and stability during active use. These features can serve even several generations, if necessary while meeting the widest design requirements. The Creative Luu Table will fit perfectly in the nursery and be a compact solution for the kids’ corner in the living room. It will be useful for those who want to enjoy contemporary, elegant, and functional design.