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Sensory story – the tale of the Three Little Pigs and the Wolf

Does your baby like stories? Give the most beautiful gift - make a fairy tale come to life 🐷🐷🐷🐺

How to teach a child the correct grip of a pencil

Did you know that writing with chalk on a vertical plane develops a proper grip on stationery? We've achieved amazing results with blackboard training.

A Multi-Sensory Play: Storytelling for Effective Learning

We try to provide children with a lot of helpful information every day, but it does not always remain in the child's memory. How to encourage each child to actively connect his / her thinking to what is happening and to expand his / her knowledge and understanding of the world at all times?

About Climbing Triangle

In this article, I will introduce you to the experience of the mother of four Diane with Climbing Triangle

Sensory-friendly learning

Sensory tools are intended to promote regulation, improve focus, and increase participation, therefore enabling your child to be available for learning. The more different and interesting materials we involve in cognitive processes, the more successfully the child will perceive information

It’s time to travel

Where to spend free time together with the family in Latvia

Come on in, take a look at Easter OFF for HILLTOWN CLIMPER 🐤

As soon as children arrive at a playground, they head directly for the swings, slides and various climbing structures. Similar to learning to cut with scissors before being able to write their name, children need lots of unstructured playground time to benefit their developing brain.

When it rains… it is the best time for kids’ arts & crafts activities!

It's important that children are allowed space and time to engage with activities of their choosing for extended periods.