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Creative Luu-Table diseñada para preescolares y primarios y se puede transformar fácilmente en una mesa para aprender o simplemente jugar


Creative Luu-Table designed for Pre- and Primary Schoolers and can be easily transformed into a table for learning or just playing.

"Help me to do it myself!" - these famous words by Mary Montessori. Paper roll on the left side of the table, blackboard and clear acrylic board, box for sand or small toys, water bowl holder, so that it does not tip over, when kids making art, niches for pencils or constructor parts will provide the opportunity for drawing, writing, counting, creating, working with different natural materials, with grandmother or dad, friends, or independently - immersing in an exciting, creative illusion and adventure world!

Table Options

    • When you open the upper part of Luu Table you can transform it into a blackboard and write there with chalk; you can also use the upper part to display your drawings and photos.
    • Inside in the Luu Table box is possible to store - kinetic or normal sand, books, paint and coloring materials, small toys , create doll houses or make race car tracks, etc.
    • An extra bonus is the transparent plastic board . It can be used for copying drawings, drawing with marker pens, creating an environment for your toys, and it also can be used for making sand drawings.
    • A closed Luu Table is a reliable desk that can also be used to place a tablet or phone if needed, for example, to re-draw something.
    • The Luu Table has a table-mounted key that will secure the position of the lifting board in an open or closed position, thereby increasing the safety of use for preschool children, while offering pupils a personal shelf / safe that can only be accessed by its owner.
    • Luu Table has a built in paper roll , which helps to maintain a clean environment and also lets the kids draw on the paper roll if desired.
    • On the right hand side LuuTable has small compartments / boxes, who are stationery and a water dish holders and ensure the storage stability of these items, as well as the ability to store stationery and other small items / toys.
    • Adjustable table height makes it useful for ages 3 to 10!

🎁 Incluye tablero transparente y rollo de papel de dibujo.