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Inga Sokolova is the author of the Luula concept and for the first product- creative table Luula. Only later, when the table gained wide popularity in 2020, a second, slightly smaller, transformable table Julle was created and in cooperation with physiotherapists – also Climber Sets. Additional shelves were developed to offer a set for the children’s room.

Her husband, Kalvis Sokolovs, is the co-founder of the new children’s furniture shopping site. The family started their business after being frustrated trying to buy the appropriate furniture for their children online. The short-term solutions offered by the traders did not satisfy Inga’s requirements for an aesthetic, natural, and accessible environment, nor did it allow the children to feel the determinants in their space that would serve them to their full potential. The current offer was boring. Inga wanted to change that. And new products were made. Each of them is unique. Each product is designed to be sustainable and passable to future generations, multifunctional, and easy to use on a daily basis.

The products are created by combining your mother’s experience in raising 3 children, with a diploma in product design and an understanding of a master’s degree in psychology. They make it easy to read the influence of the author’s wonderful sunny childhood on my grandmother in the countryside, which has turned into a light vintage touch. The products are patented – due to their uniqueness. As a result, they have quickly responded around the world: the first ‘long child’ to cross the border delights a family in faraway Australia.

“My goal is to create an offer in the children’s interior market, where you can browse a really practical and high-quality goods store from anywhere in the world, from your sofa. I intend to produce both children’s furniture and home decor and toys. We really are a lifestyle company. We want to cooperate with like-minded people – both designers and manufacturers of children’s products in creating new collections. The main value in our understanding is the child and the needs of its diverse expression. Just give time to creating a new adventure! ” Inga Sokolova