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It’s about each special day in a childs life…

The child’s wishes always come from the heart – do you remember yourself? You couldn’t just stretch your hand and take whatever you like – you always had to ask someone for something. You needed to wait for someone. Mom… Dad… It seemed like the time has stopped…

What can be more important then those little hands that will hug you from happiness? Then there is a lot to tell about this special day. And then together… you build, draw, write, create different wonders… as usual, in the living room there is a stack of toys and a huge mess before bedtime.

About Us

Once when our daughter Selina Sarah was 4 years old, we gave her a plastic board as a present. It was like magic – special paintings of chalk technology where created, letter and number games were played, birthday party plans were made and new ideas for various self-made games with mom and dad also discovered and developed. At times, the board became a pricelist, a place to place favorite drawings, at times – a place to play Tic Tac Toe comfortably. But occasionally, the plastic board discovered the child’s hidden corners of the soul and their daily experiences and adventures.

Currently she is 8 years old and the board is still in use.

Even with water colours, it seemed easier for us to draw on the floor – at first. There the water tank will not spill any further than the ground. And only the floor, which is easy to clean, will splash. And on the floor is also a wide space for creative action with paint brush.

Our family friend Iveta is a teacher at Montesori School and she is raising a 3-year-old daughter. She wanted Mia to do what she likes best in the long winter evenings – playing in the sand. The small apartment denied the opportunity to buy a special sand table. So there was a need for a smaller version to close it when the sand games ended and the table could be used for other purposes as well. Optional storage of sand, plastics, books, constructors, doll houses, etc. could be stored in the tank of the table. Therefore a great idea was born – we were looking for a table for kids with a small tank underneath.

To my first granddaughter I wanted to give something special, something different as a present, when her room was already overflowing with gorgeous toys that could not attract her attention for longer then 5 minutes. Something that could help the child to develop and explore. As the northern latitudes forces you to stay indoors for most of the winter, limiting the activity of children and the possibilities of environmental exploring, we wanted to give the child a sense of its special corner. With the ability to sit comfortably, draw, create, master, realize creative ideas, dream, express, play independently or together.

Because the opportunity to create is necessary, to teach you to love and accept yourself, others and the world around you. Because creation makes you realize who we are in this great world. That’s a good start for a long life adventure!

So the table? A treasure box where to store accessories? A Blackboard or a Sandbox in the room? For toddlers who were still small? Also for our 8 years old Selina, she still would like to have one! So easily transformable for different needs and most importantly with adjustable height! And the kids playground every evening won’t be disrupted and stay the same until next day. At which the child can spend time realizing his/her own thoughts with parents or friends, or completely independently.

We where browsing through online stores – the offers did not satisfy us.

So from that moment we kept our dreams and ideas alive, which later turned into a business idea – to create a special personalized pre-school and primary school table for creative activities – Luu Table. The table should include the maximum number of favorite activities in a functional, natural environment. “I want to do it myself!” – does this phrase sounds any familiar to you? Well let’s begin then! For children and their parents – when tiredness will prevail, the creative table will give relaxation for both, especially when the child will be playing and creating independently.

That’s how our Luu Table got created – according to the child’s ergonomic, physical and emotional peculiarities of age development and cognition, as well as knowledge of developmental psychology. We are from Latvia – a place where one of the oldest languages and cultures in Europe come from. Luula is an ancient Latvian name. Luula is the one that protects and cherishes.

Our next projects will be designed to create additional equipment for the creative table that will be able to connect to the existing design. Let’s also look at the offer for school age children. When people hear about our ideas, adults also ask – they also have their own dreams and needs. What exactly will these new gaming opportunities be – that for now will remain our little secret😊

Just be yourself – this is the time to create your own adventures! Enjoy it!

SIA Luula has concluded on 30.04.2020. agreement No. SKV-L-2020/25 with the Latvian Investment and Development Agency on receiving support within the measure “Promotion of International Competitiveness” co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund