Makes the interior more accessible to children

Makes the interior more accessible to children

SIA “Luula”, a family company from Talsi, produces children’s design furniture that promotes the development of creativity, which complies with the basic principles of Montessori pedagogy.

“At first glance, it seems that there are many different interesting offers in the field of children’s goods, but when you want something truly functional, the options are rapidly narrowing. When the youngest daughter was small, we were looking for furniture to place in her small room. , but also compact, spacious, suitable for the child’s physiological needs – so that the child does not call us to help all the time and can independently place and pick up his belongings.Given how different the child sees the environment from his point of view, Selina wanted to offer Selina her personal world, to keep secrets and create miracles. We all remember our childhood dreams. And how every night the parents made them shatter – to arrange things … How can a child create a kingdom of dreams and just close it in the evening? ” so Inga Sokolova, SIA “Luula” product design author.

In her view, the most necessary skills for a child’s development are communication skills and comprehensive creativity, which are acquired at pre-school age. That’s why the creative table “Luu-Table” has been developed – a sandbox for days when it is raining outside. Recently, the company added a wall shelf and a cabinet in the form of a TV, which can be used as a dollhouse or book storage. “Luula” also offers several types of design plastic boards for the development of creativity.

She believes that there is room for improvement in the field of children’s furniture in general. “Landing closer to the children opens up completely different needs that are not fully met at the moment. The most difficult thing we have to deal with right now is the fact that we are the only ones to offer not only furniture of unifying design, but also a variety of applications. furniture according to the criteria we offer. Therefore, we try to make the furniture in the collection complement each other. It is difficult for a new company to position the offer in a slightly different niche, which is currently unknown to a large number of potential buyers. “We were hoping to conquer a place in Europe first and focus on Scandinavia, but incredibly the first table went to Australia, and we were with the buyer within five days. So far we can’t complain about sales volumes, but of course I would like more,” says I. Sokolova.

For the time being, “Luula” sells its products on the “Etsy” platform, where it is quite easy to set up your own store. It is positioned as a handicraft platform and people buy small, original products there, so children’s furniture is not the category of goods they are primarily looking for there. “We are currently trying to register Amazon. It turns out to be more complicated – as we found out, the problems are most often caused by automatic data reading systems, which simply do not understand our documents,” says I. Sokolova.

The products are also available in the online store “”. “We have received a partnership offer from the popular websites” “and” “based in France. A smaller but interesting offer is from an online store operating in Portugal and Bali. However, there are no free offers in the business world. each of these sites has gained recognition and chooses to advertise only those products that they think are attractive to the specific target group and that we are honored, we have to choose which cooperation offers we can afford. Our products have been praised by one of the world’s leading interior exhibition organizers ” Maison & Objet “, with which we are considering the possibility of forming a partnership. We also want to cooperate with Latvian sites that work in the field of children’s development and interior,” says I. Sokolova.

The company also plans to participate in a trade mission organized by the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA), which will take place during the children’s interior exhibition in Cologne.

The brand’s presence in traditional stores is not the company’s goal. “We have to invest a lot in this channel, and brokerage fees are higher. When we first inquired about this, it turned out that in recent years a large number of children’s stores have closed and a large part of this business is now online,” says I. Sokolova.

This is a family business founded at the end of 2018 and owned by Kalvis Sokolovs. “We have developed thanks to the support of grants from the Latvian Investment and Development Agency (LIAA). The first table was sold in January 2020, but already in the spring we entered the” Catalog of Latvia’s outstanding products “created by LIAA,” I. Sokolova is happy.

SIA “Luula” uses outsourcing for production. “There are enough companies that have purchased modern and powerful equipment to meet the orders of other, several companies. It is not very sensible to produce one furniture collection themselves,” says I. Sokolova.


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Makes the interior more accessible to children
"Luula" LTD, a family company from Talsi, produces children's design furniture that promotes the development of creativity, which complies w...
Makes the interior more accessible to children
SIA "Luula", a family company from Talsi, produces children's design furniture that promotes the development of creativity, which complies w...